Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday scraps

Sunday and the sun don't shine again, still the Son is shining in my heart, a good morning at church. As I went to leave I checked my phone to see if Neil had called, no nothing there. Dinner nearly ready when I got home, just the veg to steam.
took some photos of the Mittens at play and also asleep on my bed. Better not leave the others out of the frame Muffin chose the radiator sling bed and Rudi of course his new favourite place the back of the settee with the orange and white blanket, perfect colouring for him.

I Scrapped and finished the page I had been struggling with, it came together quite well in the end
it was a sketch challenge this one by Janet F
it was getting the photos to look right that had me in a quandary but once I had changed the size to 8x8 it worked well.

Playing Shops

I had fun scanning in money and the till receipt.

I then had a phone call from Neil, he had been frantically leaving messages on my mobile but I wasn't receiving them. something is definitely wrong no network signal, so switch off the mobile completely and rebooted it. two messages received and two voice mails.
Too late to eat a main meal with them, but nice to go over and I did have a lamb sandwich very tasty.
As usual Rufus was the centre of attention and of course I took loads of photos and chose one for today's picture

When Nana comes over it means the paint pots can come out. Oh what fun and Oh what a mess. painting spider with a mixture of all the colours

We also did some baking, but that involved everyone except Daddy, cakes weren't too bad but the biscuits were not good, tasted very strange
Today I am grateful for family days, fun with Rufus and for not getting any of the mess on my clothes lol as I hadn't changed out of my Sunday best

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Jimjams said...

It turned out to be a great day didn't it!

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