Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Counterfeit Kit - that isn't, quite

I have made up a kit, but it isn't anything like any of the kits we are counterfeiting over on the CFK blog it really all started from these flower I created this morning.

I found a plastic tray which had a lovely textured base and thought that it would make a great stamp. I carefully cut it out and stuck it to a base inked it up with silver (my white didn't work very well) and stamped it on some black smooth card. punched the leaves and flowers out with embossing punches

Yellow and black seems such a lovely combination so I went looking for the same in my paper stash, having picked out a few yellow paper and a black cardstock it looked a bit samey so I found some green as well, added a kraft & white card and them decided to add a couple of green cards. Before I knew it I had a kit well on the way to being made up. Just to grab a few embellishments.

I did like the idea of the bicycles and the carriage on one of the sites you mentioned today I also found the candelabra and fancy lampstand and I printed them out on Safmat. Then went searching for my small punches and cut some of the cards

I do also have a sheet of paper with lots of lovely butterflies on, it isn't really made for scrapbooking and I can't now remember where I got it but I just felt it was time to put it to use

I'll try and list the papers where they have names
I have 3 sheets of BG Porcelain Chintz, Porcelain Dresden, and Archaic Bygone Plaid
half a sheet of scribble scrabble Brick-a-brac
1 sheet of K&Co Verbena Beige Script
None of the others have a name on them.

I'll be back later today once I've found a perfect photo for today's picture.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I might make some of those tags myself. And I have several bicycle stamps.

Tricia said...

I love the yellow and black combo with the touch of green.

humel said...

Yellow and black - very classy :) And I love the way the kit came together, thanks for sharing its 'story'!

jennifer said...

Interesting kit, great colour scheme! x

Clair said...

I love hearing how people put their kits together - always so interesting to see what everyone's starting points are. Love your classy kit!

Jimjams said...

A fab little kit Mary

S said...

No matter how you started, it looks like you ended up with a fabulous kit.

Margie said...

Beautiful flowers!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

So super creative and cool! I love the bicycles!!! xoxo

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