Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An eventful day

Last night I had just printed a sheet off and my printer made funny noises and they brought up an error message, no clue as to what or how to rectify it. So this morning I got on the phone to HP to be told that is was a hardware error and couldn't be mended the machine is only 18 months old not a good start to the day. I've ordered a new one which I could well do without having to fork out for with my expensive holiday looming. Still I can't be without a printer. Luckily the one I've ordered takes the same ink cartridges as I have only just bought a set.

I have to have a BP monitor for 24 hours and I have been given no information at all about what I need to wear etc. so I phoned the doctors, to be told by the receptionist that she didn't know and to get in touch with the centre that will fit it. I did that only to be told that the person I need to speak to wasn't there today and didn't the letter say, I haven't had a letter just a phone call, then she check the records and said that she would get a letter out to me. That had raised my BP I'm sure today, so goodness knows how I'll be when I actually am wearing it.

I was also in a bit of trepidation because I was having lunch with the husband of a good friend who died 5 years ago. Silly I know but I don't have man friends who take me out even if it is only lunch. Saying all that it was a very pleasant lunch and chat was good so I really enjoyed my time with him.

Just a short while ago my neighbour phoned me to say quick grab your camera and go out the back there is a hot air balloon overhead, did manage to get some photos so here is my 'As Seen' for today

Oh yes I succumb to a little bit of stash buying from my favourite haberdashery shop Sew Craft. They have had a new delivery of buttons and there were some really scrumptious ones but I was good and only bought a few along with some rikrak and trim

Today I am thankful for good advice
for friends that care
for a nice meal out

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Jimjams said...

Glad it was a good lunch "date" Mary!

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