Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dashing hither and thither

Oh dear I'm behind on my blogging again, I missed Yesterday and didn't have a picture for Thursday so for now a quick catch up.


Thursday of course was the sale at the church, and as has been the case all through April rain rain and more rain makes coming inside the only option.
Ann asked me to take a photo of a painting by one of our members. So I've made it the picture of the day.

It reminded her of the top of a cello and as that is the instrument her youngest daughter plays she wanted to send a copy to her.

FRIDAY 4th May

Friday what a day, rushing around to get my passport sorted, thinking I had someone to countersign and then discovering he didn't have a current passport, finding someone else but he was at the dentist. Bless him he came straight over after his dental visit and signed it for me but by that time it was too late to get it verified and sent so that was a job for Saturday Morning.
picture for Friday just has to be my very old black and white passport scanned before I've sent it away

This photo for my passport is supposed to be a true representation of me, my friend had to sign the back to say so. Well I ask you how can a photo of me without my glasses be a true representation when I am never seen without them. Well judge for yourself my friends you have seen many photos of me does this really look like me?

My thankfulness goes to my friend who was willing to come over to me to sign my application
and for finally getting it all done


Sian said...

You don't have your smile on :) But that's not really allowed on passport pictures anymore, is it?

AlliR said...

I really can't stand passport photos. I have to take my glasses off and you end up looking so miserable because you can't smile! Glad you got it sent off though, won't be long before it's back :)

Jimjams said...

Just catching up a little in my Reader - that photo just doesn't look like you Mary - I don't think I've ever seen you not smiling!

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