Saturday, May 12, 2012

As Seen - Piggy

Today has been a successful day's shopping for our holiday. I managed to get three pair of trousers and a top, still have to get a swimming costume. Gemma did very well too, it was so nice to shop with my daughter in law, as I usually shop alone and miss having someone to say yes or no to what I try on.
Lunch time we got a children's sandwich box for Rufus and inside the box was a piggy mask, which he really loved. so my picture for today has to be this one.

I have a page to share, this one I started last night just had to stick everything down and add a few bits this morning
Times to remember

this is the one for the monthly challenge colour combo. as seen here

Thankfulness today has to be to a very enjoyable shopping expedition
To Rufus who always entertains
To Neil for cooking a lovely meal tonight

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