Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting excited

I'm a little bit nearer to being ready for my holiday, I'm a whole lot more excited now too. Today I got my money and entrance pass to the theme parks. I also managed to get a pair of cotton/linen shorts if I dare wear them but maybe only under my skirts we will see.

The day started with me getting up to the church to be there when the charity shop driver, Phil came at 8.30. Ann had arranged this for today as he won't be around for the next two weeks, and we do have a lot to pass on each week. Ann would have done it but yesterday she fell and has badly bruised her hip and knee which is swollen and broken a bone in her hand.

So here I am sitting on the wall waiting for Phil.

Then back home and noticed the wisteria looking spectacularly fine hanging over the garage which is far from spectacular so nice to see it decorated in this way.

After I got back from town I scrapped some of the photos I took of the torch coming through Swindon. Too dark to photograph by the time I'd finished so I'll share that tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for the anticipation of the holiday
getting sorted.
picking up a magazine that had just the right freebie papers in for the layout.


Maria Ontiveros said...

My daughter and I went shopping today for some clothes for our trip, too! I bought a really comfy cotton dress; she got some hiking shoes, bathing suits and shirts. We both need shorts still.

Lizzie said...

You are brave, Mary! I wouldn't wear shorts at all now. Not ever.

I hope your holiday is fabulous and fantastic. It sounds exciting...theme parks!

Love the wisteria. They are so pretty. Our neighbours along the road have one, so do some people at the start of the road. I sometimes think I'd like one too... but then I think it wouldn't survive our front garden conditions. Maybe it should be at the back... hmm..

Sian said...

I love the idea of you thinking about wearing your shorts under your skirt :) Sounds like a plan to me

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