Thursday, May 10, 2012

As seen - Manipulated

I forgot it was the 10th and so haven't done a 10 on the 10th. In fact I have done very little this afternoon except sleep. I came home from this morning's sale at the church so exhausted I really didn't have the energy to do anything.
After I woke up at around 5ish I started playing with a photo that my No. 1 grandson took of Ben & I at Christmas.
This one

Trouble is he had cut the top of my head off

He did take a photo of just me and this time my head is complete

taking the two I eventually got this

But the bkgd is not very attractive so taking another photo from the same day but in the other room, a photo with no one in, it now has Ben and I in it

It is now already for me to do the monthly challenge from UKScrappers which is a colour combo challenge

Today I am grateful for my computer and being able to manipulate photos
For the Lord answering Ann's plea and keeping the rain at bay all morning. (as soon as I got home it started)

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Jimjams said...

VERY clever photo manipulation Mary - talented and resourceful lady!

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