Thursday, May 31, 2012

As Seen & JYC 2011 finally finished


I had a little trip to the hairdressers, always a pleasure for me. Just across the main road 2 minutes from home.
They are trying out a new range of colours, a new company. I am show the extremes, one day I'll dare to have it dyed purple. Perhaps for Christmas 2012, now wouldn't that be fun.

But for now I'll be content with a similar colour as before but a different style for a change


Today I make the effort to get up to the church early as I know Ann is rather incapacitated with a badly bruised knee and damaged hand. We still have a lot of new to us stuff come from a house clearance. So we did pretty well today.

I managed to involve two of the ladies to get crafty with me and make bunting for the big Lunch we are holding in our church on Sunday. should make a nice splash of Red White and Blue.
It did help sitting doing that rather than wandering around all morning, I didn't feel nearly as tired as usual.

I notice that my climbing rose which has been in bud for a few days now, produced it's first full blown flower of the season. This just has to be my picture of the day.

Hooray hooray I have finished my last few pages for Journal your Christmas 2011 I decided just to go to Christmas day this year and as I had already done up to the 21st there was only four to do.

22nd Making Snowmen

23rd Mid Morning Snacks

24th Lay a trail for Santa

25th A lovely Day lhs25th A lovely Day rhs

Finally as I was sitting quietly at the computer I heard the most horrendous noise, I thought at first it was a fox just outside, but no it was a baby starling that one of the kittens had brought into the house, it had escaped the clutches of the horrors but I had to shut all three cats away before I could attempt to rescue it. Luckily my waterproof trousers were to hand as the material wouldn't catch the bird claws or beak so I grabbed it and released it on top of the fence, it immediately flew away none the worse thank the Lord for its brush with death.

Today I am grateful for not being so tired in spite of waking at 5.00 this morning
for having fun making bunting
and for rescuing a baby bird


Kirsty.a said...

Well done for finishing JYC. I know I wouldn't do it if I didn't keep up to date in December. I totally lose Christmas momentumn after Jan6th!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Good on you for finishing up JYC! And for your June/Christmas miracle with the little bird!

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