Thursday, March 01, 2012

As seen - Entertainment

It's Thursday so it's the sale at the church. Today we had Mark on the keyboard entertaining the customers and helpers alike.

I awoke to fog, haven't seen fog for such a long time. It was even there when I went up to the Church, it was there most of the morning. We had the majority of the tables inside but two of our ladies really do prefer to sit outside and sell the jewellery and such

by the time we had packed up and I was walking home the sun had broken through the fog and it was a very pleasant day indeed.

I am thankful for a good morning despite the fog
Sunshine on the way home
and a comfy chair to snooze in with my feet up.


Lizzie said...

Yes, it was very foggy here yesterday morning, but, like you, the sun burned through and it was a beautiful afternoon!
Sounds like a very enjoyable morning, despite the moody weather - a musical one too!

happysnapper said...

Brr fog looks cold and damp, dont see much fog here only very early in the morning if it has rained on the fields but the sun burns it off very fast.

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