Monday, March 12, 2012

As seen - little things

Today has been a very dull day, not exactly damp but my washing hasn't dried at all still as wet as when I put it out.
I was determined to go out, well I had to or the cats would have had nothing to eat.
Walking down the back lane I was more concentrating of exercise than on taking photo. But I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this little clump of violets, out came my camera and it didn't go back in it's case till I reached Asda. As well as the violets, I took a photo of the lovely little tree that gets photographed by me every year such pretty delicate yellow flowers, I must try and find out what it is. the catkins of course are so attractive at the moment. Just before I reached Asda I noticed little gems of water the size of a seed pearl on the grass. I knew there and then what today's picture would be.

I discovered something the other day, there are now three kinds of icing sugar, the ordinary one, Fondant icing sugar and Royal icing sugar. I bought the fondant one as it was a 1p cheaper, but I really don't know what the difference is, think they are just trying to confuse the consumer into buying them all, crazy.

Today I am grateful for little surprises

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