Wednesday, March 07, 2012

As seen - Hidden in full sight

I haven't been out today, should have taken the kittens for their 6 month check and then I was going to try and get to Hobby Craft but it was such a miserable wet and windy day. I phoned and changed the appointment to tomorrow.
I hadn't even taken any photos. I have been scrapping or rather fiddling with bits of paper but getting no where fast. I keep loosing things. Last night I couldn't find my very thin double sided tape. Where do you hide a reel of tape in full sight, by putting it on top of another reel that is exactly the same dimensions and colour. I eventually found it this morning so that is my photo for today.

Can you see it?

I had prepared dinner early, I was going to have Chicken and Broccoli Pasta bake, it was in the oven and all set to switch itself on, but just before it started my neighbour knocked and handed me a dish of fish & chips, he had inadvertently bought 3 portions instead of 2. So had that today and my pasta bake will do for tomorrow. It's nice to have dinner all prepared especially on a Thursday when I really don't feel like standing and cooking.

Tomorrow is dustbin day and I've just been outside to put them ready for collection, boy is it cold and windy I daren't put the plastic bottles out they will land down the road somewhere but I can leave them a bit longer.

So today I am thankful for a nice warm bungalow
A super neighbour
dinner for tomorrow already prepared.


Lizzie said...

How lucky we are to have heating! I remember when we didn't... brrr!

I see the roll of tape - and I can also see why you couldn't find it! I have a drawer for my tape and all is well, so long as I remember to put them away!

Sian said...

What a really kind thought. Good neighbours are treasures

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