Saturday, March 10, 2012

As seen - saved

I am getting to be a home bird, not wanting to go out, this is bad, I should have at least gone to Asda today but I didn't, realising I needed a photo for today I took my camera into the lane at the bottom of my garden. I thought perhaps the daffodils would make a good photo. When I drew near I saw flowers cut and strewn on the ground, must had been done today as they were still looking fresh. I really don't understand some people, why pick them and throw them away or drop them where you pick them? I didn't want to leave them there so I picked them up and brought them home. Adding a twig or two from my willow

I hope that I am going out to lunch tomorrow with Neil and Gemma but I am still waiting for Neil to confirm.

I do have a page to share I started this one with an inspiration from a page by Kirsty Smith in March's Scrap 365 I liked the grid effect she obtained and although mine ended up nothing like her page I am quite pleased with it.
Working with pastels

today I am thankful for the comfort of my own home.

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