Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As seen - Bible study

I did go out today, cycling down to Asda I haven't been on my bike for months except to take the kittens to the vets for their check up, so was good to get the exercise. My neighbour had pumped my tyres up for me the other day so I thought I ought to use it. Weather has been lovely again and getting decidedly warmer.

On the way back from Asda I thought it might be a good idea to get my blood pressure tested because I have been feeling giddy and it might have a bearing but although it a tiny bit high not enough to worry about and not enough to give me the dizzy spells so I'll have to wait for the doctors appointment on Tuesday.

I am completely packed for the weekend now all waiting in the hall ready for the off

bet I've packed more than I need but if I didn't pack this amount I would need what I had left behind, that's Murphy's law.

I went up to the church for the monthly bible study tonight we did an overview of proverbs, not a book I find easy to read but it was good to study it with others. So that is my picture for today.

Haven't done any scrapping today, been too busy making sure I had everything ready.

Today I am grateful for a pharmacy that does more than just dispense medication
Sunshine and warmth
making the effort to go out tonight

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