Sunday, March 18, 2012

As seen - Limo

Mothering Sunday, and I actually knew what was planned for today before the 11th hour. Neil had phoned me last night to say we were going to Laycock to the Agriculture college to see the lambs. Very enjoyable afternoon and we actually saw a lamb being born. Rufus was fascinated with it and he was also fascinated by the pigs.

I was going to use the photo of the new born lamb for today's as seen,

but on the way home I couldn't resist taking this photo of the car in front of us.

I have also got a layout to share, the one I finished last night
Cuddle up
I actually got my sewing machine out for this one, not done that for a long while
I am gradually and very slowly getting some of my stash mountain used, and I actually cut into a lovely paisley paper that I bought when Noah was a lad.
Cuddle up title

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