Saturday, March 17, 2012

As seen - through square eyes

Well I've done it again, not gone out, not taken any photos spent most of the day sorting out my photo on picasa, it was originally a mistake and I was going to try and delete them all from there but I discovered something rather useful. Picasa will seek out every face on every jpg and put them all into folders all I have had to do is make sure that each folder is named and all the photos in it are correct, a long task as all my files are stored on an external hard drive and a portable one so it is still working to scan each and every one.
So I've just taken a photo of my computer screen on Picasa

I have also done a layout but it didn't get finished till after dark so decided that artificial light on a dark coloured layout was not a good idea will photograph it tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for not having to go shopping.
for a phone call from my son inviting me out tomorrow for mother's day.

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