Sunday, March 04, 2012

As seen - flowers for church

It was my turn to do the flowers for church this week. I asked the Lord what colour and I immediately thought yellow.
I had to arrange them at home and carefully take them up to church. They survived which is more than I did we had a service or more like a pantomime aimed at teenagers too loud and I was unable to worship, If I hadn't been going out for lunch and had order my taxi to pick me up at the church I would have come home.

The weather has been very strange, raining when I went up to church but then we had snow, not much and it didn't settle of course, then the sun came out briefly and finally rain again.

I did enjoy the company and the meal with the Ladies Club though. But haven't felt too well this afternoon, possibly too tired as I didn't get to bed till gone 1.00 this morning and was awake again before 7.00 still early night tonight hopefully will set me back on my feet

today I am thankful for the lovely sunshine yellow of the flowers
a nice meal with good company
being able to change into my pj and just sit and watch tv

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Lizzie said...

Perhaps it was being tired that prevented you enjoying the teenagers' service. It can be hard to cope with youngsters' liveliness, when you are over-tired. I hope you got a good night's sleep and feel much better today.
The flowers were so lovely though - I do like yellow, it's so happy and sunshiney! I think you could do with a few daffs in your house, to bring you some sunshine and help you smile!
I hope it's nice where you are today. We had a wet day yesterday, which was very cold, but the sun is out this morning and it's much more cheerful. I wish you a sunny week, with blue skies!

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