Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relaxing day

Today has been another beautiful day weather wise sunny and very warm. The sky clear and blue. I got all my washing dry and aired outside which makes it smell so fresh.

At the church this week and next leading up to Easter we are reading through the bible, each of us doing a 20 minute slot at a time. It's good to declare the word of the Lord out loud.
I wasn't due to read today but my friend who was to read Ruth is not at all well so I took her place, then stayed to listen to 4 other readings. (I meant to take a photo but I forgot doh!!)

I haven't done any scrapping today although I really wanted to somehow I just haven't had the energy, think the weekend has caught up with me and I've been tired all day.

Realising I haven't got a photo for today I decided to take one of the moon. I noticed yesterday how clear the sky was and how bright the moon. So this is my daily picture today.

today I am grateful for a relaxing day
for being able to have a rest in the afternoon

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Lizzie said...

Wow, that is a fabulous photo, Mary! We have had some beautiful views of the Moon recently; lovely to see it captured so well on camera.
I like the idea of reading through the Bible together like that. Nice to relax with friends and take it all in.
Hope you slept well and feel rested - make the most of the lovely weather!

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