Thursday, March 08, 2012

As seen - Captured

The saga of getting the kittens to the vets for their 6mth check up (6 months since first seen)
1) set alarm to go off with plenty of time to get there
2) trap both kittens indoors half hour before need to go
3) get bike with cat basket out
4) carry one kitten to basket and manage to get her in
5) capture 2nd kitten and take her out to basket
6) she escapes before I can get her in
7) shut basket door with one kitten in
8) chase 2nd kitten trap her in greenhouse
9) take 2nd kitten to basket to find
10) bike on the floor with basket door open and 1st kitten gone
11) shut 2nd kitten indoors
12) bring cat basket indoors
13) put 2nd kitten in and shut tightly
14) go find 1st kitten trap her in greenhouse
15) carefully open basket indoors with all exits firmly closed
16) get both kittens in basket and shut firmly
17) take basket with kittens and fasten on bike

Next time take basket to kittens not the other way round. Glad I had given myself plenty of time. They were weighed and are both healthy.
Oh and I have a scratch for my troubles that is beginning to hurt

Today I am thankful for two lively kittens
for sunshine for the sale (after yesterdays blustery rainy day)
a meal that I had already prepared (see yesterdays post)

ps after Lizzie said about the tale of how to pill a cat I found it on line here well worth ready as it will have you in stitches (not literally that was for the cat's own human)


Maria Ontiveros said...

Sounds like an eventful but ultimately successful day.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary I so identified witht his
Glad they are both well and hope the scratch doesn't hurt too much

Lizzie said...

Oh Mary, that reminds me of the sketch on "How to Pill your Cat", which made everyone laugh a while back! Poor old kittens - and poor Mary!
Do take care of the scratch - you can get an infection quite easily, so do keep it clean. If you have any sudocrem, it's good for healing cat-scratches and it helps to stop them stinging too.
Glad that the effort was worthwhile and that the kittens are both healthy and fit.

happysnapper said...

Would have made a great video, sorry tee hee hee. I can imagine it to Benny hill music.

Shirley said...

My goodness Mary that was quite a chain of events.
Glad it had a successful outcome and the kittens are A1. I hope your battle scars heal quickly!

Summer Sunflower said...

Goodness me Mary what a day you have had, and been scratch for it all too!!

Jimjams said...

Oh dear that was quite a palaver - glad they are both fine!

Lynne said...

great story to journal, perhaps a mini book coming on?

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye