Sunday, February 05, 2012

Story telling Sunday - the first time I flew

Do you remember the first time you flew
I do,
I’m 60 and this is my very first time
It’s sublime
Onto the runway and gathering pace
As we race
The nose rises up and we’re off the ground
Thrilling I found

What was it like that very first time,
The excitement as the hour approached
And we felt the power of the engines roar,
Slowly at first then, gathering speed
We fled along the runway.

Up, up and the houses and fields grew smaller
As we climbed higher
Until above the clouds, the sky azure blue and bright,
The earth look like a patchwork picture
With the buildings, glass beads glistening in the sun.

We knew we were flying fast
Time alone told us that
But everything below move so slowly,
A snails pace,
Time was standing still

The clouds thickened,
But so white and fluffy,
Like snow on a sea of blue,
With now and then a glimpse of the land below.
A brilliant, new, beautiful world.
Now it was time to descend
And, as we came under the clouds
They were dark and dreary above us
So strange, two world, two views of the same thing,
One was bright and wonderful, the other dull.

God sees us from above,
What we will be when perfected.
We see the underside
With only a brief glimpse now and then
Of the brightness of our destiny

this story is part of Story telling Sunday over at Sian place if you want to read more. or even take part pop over there.


Amy said...

Oooh yes, I do remember, I was so excited!
Mary, you have an amazing talent, I have enjoyed your piece today - it's fantastic!

Alana said...

I dont remember the first time but I do remember the first time on my own...only 18 and I was nervous. Lovely photos and poem.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Mary and a fab way to share them

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Mary and a fab way to share them

Ifa said...

I have enjoyed reading this. I do remember my first. I was 17 and on the way to Heathrow to study. Many years later, I am still here.

Chipper said...

I love the way you told this. You have a wonderful talent.

alexa said...

A lovely adventurous read, bringing back lots of my own memories! Beautifully worded.

Anonymous said...

I can remember the excitement definitely - lovely story!

Jimjams said...

Super twist in the tale-telling - love it!

Peachy Stream said...

great story!! I remember the first time I flew. I was three and was concerned that the plane might knock my friends house down when it came down our road to pick us up. The airport was a foreign concept!

Lynn said...

Yes I remember - 16 and going on a ski trip. Lovely poem.

heart.hearth.home. said...

Such a lovely way to tell a story and great pictures too. Your story does bring back memories too. Thanks for sharing.

Miriam said...

Oh what a lovely way to tell your story and I love the pictures Mary.

Sian said...

Oh, Mary, this is just lovely. You build it up and then you bring us back down again, so nicely done. I love your choice of the word "sublime" to sum it up. What a good word that is!

I always look forward to your contribution Mary - this month you have left me feeling uplifted. Thank you

Lizzie said...

Oh Mary, how nice! I love your poem and the photos are lovely too.
I've just come home from flying to - and from - Spain... I was excited to look out at the tiny houses, cars and fields of England, then at the sea far below, the clouds, the Channel Islands and France, as we passed over, the coast of Spain, then the hills, plains and Sierra Nevada mountains. The Spanish landscape is so very different to the English one - amazing to look down at it from the air.
Thank you for sharing your fun experience - I enjoyed it very much!

furrypig said...

I never flew anywhere as a child and I really didn't like it much when I first travelled by plane. I have become more used to it over the years but still not my favourite experience! Well done to you for starting to fly

Melissa said...

I've flown many times and have always been fascinated at how bright it is above the clouds on a gray and dreary day down below. I absolutely love that last line about how God sees us - I've added it to my quote journal.

Ruth said...

Your poem is perfect for your photos. I was 3 years old when I did my first flight and we went to live on the other side of the world. It took 24 hours with with three stopovers!

Becky said...

Love your poem this month! It goes so well with the photos.

Jo said...

Fantastic poem Mary and it's exactly how I remember my first flight

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a lovely story! I remember being little and how fancy everything was (even though there we had to exit the plane by rolled up stairs and walk outside to the terminal). It was probably 45 years ago!

Scattychick said...

Ooooh I remember it was thrilling :) Love the poem Mary and am sure we will be seeing some lovely pages about this soon x

Amy said...

How lovely to see some poetry come to Storytelling Sunday. You have a real talent, I look forward to reading more :)

Missus Wookie said...

Oh lovely poem and photos. Thanks for sharing.

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye