Thursday, February 09, 2012

As Seen - stocking up

It's Thursday and that means an early start, I slept so badly I didn't think I would last out the morning let alone go shopping straight from the sale at the church, but as they forecast snow for us tonight and tomorrow I thought it might be a good idea to do the weekly shop today.

Although it was cold and quiet we still took a goodly sum so it was well worth the extra layers to keep warm and still have the tables outside.


Lizzie said...

Glad your sale went well - you all look rather chilly, despite the woolly layers! Hope you didn't catch cold.
That's a good "As Seen" photo of your shopping trolley - I like how it's sitting right in the centre of the shot. I have a trolley too - it's black, but has huge white polka dots, with a red flap-over top. I had to have one when I'd hurt my back, as I wasn't allowed to carry bags in my hands. It even has an umbrella pocket and a cold-bag built in, for frozen food. It lives in my car boot, so I can use it, if I go into town to do any "serious shopping"!

scrappymo! said...

Ahhh.fond memories...I had a trolley very similar. I am trolley challenged...or at least DH is!

He tossed into the trunk of the car when he picked me up after a shopping trip and broke the wheel.

I replaced it with a lovely needlepoint folding trolley and it fell off the storage area where it hung when not in use guessed it...broke the wheel.

I have given up on the expensive ones...I picked up a sort of large plastic, washable fold up bag on wheels, with sort of longish handles to drag it alongside you and that is what I am using for now. It is a very bright green so I won't get lost in a storm!!! haha

You all do look a wee bit cold...but it was all worth it at the end!

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