Friday, February 17, 2012

As seen - some sorting done

It doesn't look much but it has taken all day just to sort our some of my embellishments. I have empties some of the containers and made up video boxes of colour coded variety of embellishments that means I can grab a box or two if I am going to a crop and know that I will have the colours I want. I haven't as yet managed to sort out stash I no longer want, very hard thing to do for a hoarder.

I now ache especially my feet as I have been on them all day. So no more sorting for me tonight unless I can do some sitting down.


Lizzie said...

I am impressed, Mary! Would you like to come and organise my stash, when you've finished with your own?
But really, that's a very clever idea, to store stuff in small colour-themed containers... I really should do this too... (well, I have done with ribbons and buttons, but not mixed embellishments).

scrappymo! said...

I need to do a good sort too. I have been putting it off...should just soldier on with it...
Yours looks great. I like the divided boxes.

Jimjams said...

Good work Mary - you will soon feel the benefit!

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