Sunday, February 12, 2012

As Seen - flat on my stomach

Oops I nearly forgot to take a photo today. I was going to take the outside of the church but we had such a powerful meeting this morning I forgot all about taking pictures. And as I didn't go out or even do much this afternoon, I was stuck for something to depict the day.
As it got darker I pulled the curtains and was about to tuck them behind the radiator as usual when I realised they were cold. Help how did this happen and how do I do anything about it. I phoned Neil and told him I said I thought that the pilot light was right under the fire but didn't have a clue how to get to it. He said he would come over, while waiting for him I cleared the bits off the top of the shelf and removed all my cats from around the fire. then not finding any screws I tried to lift the surround away, in doing so I dislodged the bottom and peering underneath I found the ignition button and the instruction on how to light it. Success I did it but boy was it awkward. Good job I am still agile and can get down, right down, on the floor.

Today I am grateful for a powerful service this morning
for being still agile
and for discovering another 'how to'


Minty Magic said...

Getting down there is the easy bit, but getting back up is the hard part!

scrappymo! said...

I'm with's the getting back up that I have difficulty with!

Great picture!

Jimjams said...

Thank goodness you got it sorted Mary - glad Neil was around to help too!

Pam said...

he he--great photo!! No fun being cold!!

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