Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As seen - on the buses

I need to food shop today, Asda is only 15 mins walk away, I usually enjoy this walk as it is down a country lane, well feels like a country lane, no vehicles for most of the way. But today I really didn't want to walk, my excuse, it was very windy. True it was windy, but lovely and sunny too. Still I caught the bus there and back.

Shopping only once a week and having three very hungry cats who must have their soft food my trolley was very full and heavy again.

With the combination of tidying the last corner of my craftroom, shopping and dragging a heavy trolley home, when I sat down and finished eating my lunch I fell asleep for nearly 2 hours.

Today I am so grateful that I don't have much to worry about. I have my health, even if I don't have the strength. And when I don't feel like cooking there is a nice takeaway just 5 mins from home.


Lizzie said...

Ah, it can be tricky to get the shopping when you don't have transport. I started to have mine delivered, while I was injured and unable to drive. It still arrives by van each week (there are 3 of us, plus cat, so weekly is best). I pay an up-front subscription to Ocado, once a year, which means I can have as many deliveries as I like, so long as each is for £40 or more (not hard nowadays!).
Could you have your "heavy shopping" delivered to you once a fortnight, perhaps, to save your back and shoulders from hauling the big bag home each week? Then you could have the perishables for the one week and only have to go to the supermarket once in 2 weeks, if you wanted? It might be worth a couple of extra quid for the delivery, just for the convenience?
I remember when I was little, we had a grocer and a baker, whose vans both came to our street as a regular "round" - my mother would buy from them as it saved her a lot of walking and pulling trolleys about.
Hope you felt better for your nap!

scrappymo! said...

I too shop with a "trolley" and push it home. The tins are rather weighty aren't they?
i try to leave the big order for whe hubby is home to take me...even still the day to day stuff can be heavy as well.

Good on you for the nap...lucky you were able to do just that.

Amy said...

Grocery shopping is always tiring, Lizzie has some great ideas!
I was rolling my eyes in 35C heat the other day when I was lugging the shopping inside .. it is no fun!

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