Thursday, February 16, 2012

As seen - catkins in the sunlight

It's Thursday and that means the sale at the church, what a difference from the last two weeks, sunshine and warmth compared to the freezing cold, almost a spring day. So today had to be a spring photo

It was a pleasure to be outside and would have been much better if they hadn't started major road works and parking their enormous lorry right outside the church. Silly me forgot to take a photo.

Still can't take a photo of my nice tidy craft room because I've started on the conservatory and guess what I needed to pile things on the cleared desks so now the photo would just show untidiness again. I've sorted out all my off cuts of card stock they are now in bags of like colours and put away in my drawers so another box freed up. Next job embellishments this is going to be the longest part I think as I have so much and they are all over the place in different containers with no logic to what is where.

Today I am grateful for every little bit that gets done after all a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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