Saturday, February 25, 2012

As seen - in the driving seat

Today has been a day of the unexpected.
I was going to take the bus to ASDA but just missed it so walked, as usual the walk lifts my up, it was pleasantly warm, birds were singing, squirrels scampering, the pussy willow was in bud at the very top of the tree
spring was definitely in the air. I'm glad I walked

I forgot to take my camera card down to ASDA yesterday so I had to do that first. It usually takes an hour to process them but as they were quiet they said 30 mins so decided to stay in ASDA while they were being done instead of going into town and coming back via ASDA to pick them up later.
In town all I wanted to do was have a look in the Range to see if they had any decent patterned papers, no luck there but I did get myself a new border punch and a finger knife.
I was just paying for them when Neil phoned and invited me to go to Cirencester with them. I love impromptu trips like this.
I didn't actually buy anything except lunch but it was lovely to mooch around the town, as they have some lovely shops there. More photo opportunity with Rufus too, he decided he was going to drive us home and Daddy would have to sit in his child seat.
So my picture for today is Rufus in the driving seat 'switching' on the engine and changing the gears

Here is the layout I did yesterday.
Tender Moment

today I am grateful for how God provides for even the little things (ie 30mins for photos He knew I wouldn't be coming back there today)
Impromptu outings with my family

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Lizzie said...

Ahhh, that scrap page is lovely! Such a very "tender moment".
Rufus is getting big! He's so nice - I love the photo you took. Just so long as he doesn't do what my dad did, as a small boy - he did actually get into the driving seat, let off the handbrake and "drive" the car off down the hill - with my grandad tearing after him!
It's so nice that you had a surprise outing - obviously Someone had planned your day for you today!
We had my mum here today, with some friends - a young lady who used to stay with my mum in her school holidays (she is from Taiwan), with her husband and their 1-year-old boy, who is ace! We had a lovely lunch and a nice chat, before they had to go, as they were on their way to stay with friends in Cambridge. It was a good day (but I am so tired!).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Mary!

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