Saturday, February 04, 2012

As seen - in a neighbour's garden

It has snowed, well a sprinkling of snow, and I spied this strange occurrence, why has the snow settled more on the lighter star than on the darker pavements in between?

It really is a stop at home day today, but I needed to get some flowers for church, my turn to do them. As I was thinking this morning about what to get, into my mind came a bowl of tulips, no not possible this time of the year so perhaps daffs will do instead. I could find no daffs in a bowl or pot that were sufficiently open to make a display, but going into Marks (only went in because they were advertising flowers for Valentines day) I found pink pots with beautiful deep pink Tulips that had pink bulbs showing.

The Lord never give you an idea that can't be fulfilled Thank you Father for your amazing Love

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AlliR said...

Very strange about the snow on the paving Mary but it looks very effective! Love those flowers, they are very pretty.

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