Thursday, March 03, 2011

Winter has returned

Today has been a bitter cold day, working outside at the sale today I got so cold it has taken till now (5 o'clock)  to really warm through. But the sale was worth it, we took nearly £200 which will all go to help feed the street orphans that our friend Jeremiah has adopted in Kenya. It is surprising how generous some people are, what ever we ask for an item, and it is never very much, they give over and above. I just think it is a shame that there are a few people who will take without paying a penny and some who want something for virtually nothing.
For all its failings this country has a lot going for it. You don't find children living under a rock because no one cares. OK we do have people living rough but there is help available. We have a national health system, which may be failing a bit but it is still available to help those who need it without extra cost to them.
I don't like sponsoring people for them to do silly things for charity, (that just irritates me) but I will give to a cause I think worthy and I will give more than my money if I believe in the need.

Right got that off my chest now for some layouts, I'm still having fun with paper and things doing in real life pages rather than digital ones. Making the most of having all my stash around me as I will only have my laptop next week because I am going to Skipton to visit my daughter and family to celebrate her 40th and her youngest son's 1st birthday along with her mother in law's all on the same day. This should be some celebration

This layout is for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers
challenge criteria: Purple, Fabric or sewing, a technique taught by a friend.
the butterfly that Karen showed us for the AMAM challenge (scroll down a bit) was perfect to fit both the fabric and the technique part of the challenge.
When I think of purple I often think of my little Nana, she died when I was 10 so I don't remember if that was a colour that she often wore, but I feel it was her colour.

This next one was done for a challenge set by my team on UKScrappers we call it Ready Steady Scrap, cards with colour, tools, techniques, and embellishments are drawn out for each person
mine were Pink, Punches, Dry Embossing, and stickers and here's mine
Spring is in the Air


I received this at the end of an email, made me smile hope it makes you smile too

Save the Earth.... it's the only planet with chocolate!!!!

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