Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They Couldn't Wait

They couldn't wait, sounds like a good title for a book, the tail of two cats perhaps.

Once upon a time there was a old woman, who had two cats for company, she didn't really dote on them, but they did rule the roost. Their wish was her command, well, cats are rather like that.
One think the old woman was adamant about, no cats in the bedroom at night, she liked to sleep in peace you see.
Awaking most mornings to demands from the other side of the door, she would get out of bed and make sure she had pulled the duvet back into place and smoothed it down before opening the door to the two cats, that way no cats hairs in the bed.
Today she forgot.
and of course the two cats made the most of it, their hairs are going to be all over the underside of the duvet.


Lizzie said...

Oh dear! Yes, my Sherlock is naughty like that too. I usually do the same as you and make the bed after my shower. If I forget, he's happy to curl up in the dent where I was lying - grrr!
He has also learned how to "pop" the bedroom door open, if it's not firmly closed; there must be a wobbly bit that he puts his foot on, which makes the latch pop open. He's a scamp - but (as the song says) I love him!
Your pusses are beautiful by the way - and I love the warm colours of your duvet too!

Jimjams said...

I love the way that they're both in exactly the same position and orientation - and less of the "old" Mary - remember your shoe size!

Sian said...


I'm with Jemma - remember, you'll never be younger than you are today! (I read that somewhere once and thought it was a great one to hold on to)

Cheri said...

Thankfully our cats like to sleep on the girls' beds! :)

humel said...

Oh no! lol! Love the way you told this story :-)

Miriam said...

Oh how I know how that feels!
My cat used to be able to smell fresh bed linen four rooms away! beautifully told Mary. x

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