Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Coffee Crazy

I have a cup of real coffee with my breakfast every morning, I drink it with relish
it's such a pick me up. I use my little cafetière it's perfect for one cup. I boil the kettle then let it settle before I add the water, then let the flavour infuse
before I pour it out.
All this I did this morning, ate my breakfast and got dress and rush across to the hairdresser, just getting there on time. They asked me if I'd like a cup of coffee, and I really felt as though I needed one, which I shouldn't have done, I'd just had one hadn't I?
It wasn't until I went to get my meal tonight I discovered my cafetière sitting on the side with cold coffee in it.
Waste not want not I heated it up in the microwave and had it with my dinner, a little late in the day for so much caffeine, and now of course I want another.

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