Thursday, March 03, 2011

Nature's Calendar - A cloud of starlings

Dipping and diving, making swirling patterns in the sky, coming in to roost then taking off again. The gathering together of a large flock of starlings is something I never expected to see just outside my back door. As I alighted from the bus I could see them and as usual my camera was at the ready would I make it to the lane before they disappeared? Yes of course I did

And finally the sun setting in the west.

All this from the lane at the bottom of my garden, what a lovely place to live.


Karen said...

Fantastic photos Mary, the Starling are amazing!!

Photographing Mom said...

Amazing photos, Mary! Thank you for sharing your world!

Jimjams said...

Amazing swirls and swoops of starlings! Glad I'm not standing underneath them though - I once parked under a flock that size roosting nearby ... not a pretty sight!

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