Tuesday, March 08, 2011

lost and found

I've lost my tin of blue button, I thought they must be buried under the piles and piles of stuff in my craft room, so the only way to find it is to clear everything away, put things where they should be so that I can find them in future. I've found my desks all of them. I found lots of bits and pieces I had forgotten I had, one thing I haven't found is my little tin of blue buttons. Oh well at least when I come home from visiting my daughter I won't be in quite the muddle I'm usually in, well I won't for the first couple of days anyway. ;D
 I have done a layout too which should have been a really quick one as it was just revamping one I had done earlier but didn't like. I pulled it all to pieces and started again, in the end I didn't use any of the original bits but tried to keep to the same colour/theme.
P12 January
this is for the Project 12 which I am going to try to do each month although my life isn't very exciting it would be nice to look back on
As I am going to be away and I am not sure if I will be able to get on line I have scheduled my Nature Calendar with photos I have already taken this month. If I can get on line I may well alter them for newer ones. We will see.


Lizzie said...

That story about the blue buttons and tidying up made me laugh - I'm sure this happens to all of us sometimes!
I love the double-page layout for January - it's beautiful, Mary!

humel said...

Oh no - I hope the buttons turn up! Funny how things can just disappear, isn't it? I've completely lost some embossing folders. I have no idea where they could be, and they've been gone months now....

That's a lovely layout :-) Have a great visit with your daughter! xx

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