Monday, March 21, 2011

New Book to Read

Thank you Mel my book came this morning.
About three weeks ago Mel collected a pile of books that were printed for World Book Night, to give away. She offered to send 10 copies to people who left a comment on her blog. I love visiting her blog and was so pleased to be one of the 10 chosen. To day I have started to read it.
When I finish it I'll pass it on, not sure how or to who yet but it will be good to see how far it goes. There is an ID No. on the back page which can be registered on line. (which I tried to do but was told the session had expired and to try later, I'll have another go and see if it will work)


Jimjams said...

How lovely Mary - if there's nobody at church or at your crop to pass it on to, perhaps do what Mel did and offer the book up to one of your readers!

Today I posted my spare copy of the World Book Day Book I was given off to my snorkelling friend on the Isle of Man - hopefully a treat for her!

Margi said...

What an awesome idea Mary. I'd love to be a part of the book ring! Looks like a good read!

humel said...

Oh gosh, this is how far behind on my blog reading I am! So pleased to see that you started it so promptly, I do hope you're enjoying it xx

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