Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back home

I'm back in my own bungalow, in my own bed (snuggles) so hopefully back to scrapping properly and blogging my day more.
I didn't feel like doing anything after my miserable journey home yesterday, well the journey was perfect no delays not miss connection everything went smoothly, but I have come home with a streaming cold my nose wouldn't stop running, and I thought I would not have enough tissues to last.
Went to bed very early unheard of hour before 9.00 pm but at least I managed to clear my nose sufficiently to be able to sleep and feel much better this morning.

Sales at the church this morning so this is a quick post just to say I'M BACK oh and to post a photo of the canal at Skipton


Karen said...

Welcome home Mary, although I was sorry to hear that you have a cold. I hope you feel better soon and that the sale goes well this morning :)

Lizzie said...

Ooh, missed this post yesterday... Glad you're home okay and I hope your cold has gone away now. My DH has one and I'm afraid we'll all have it - probably on Sunday, when there is a family christening and party!

Lovely photo of Skipton canal. The light is very nice in that picture.

humel said...

Welcome home! Sorry to hear about your cold - I hope you're feeling much better now xx

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