Sunday, March 06, 2011

Story Telling Sunday

Story telling Sunday, what's that all about I hear you say, well those who haven't taken part anyway. It's a blog hop in which we all tell a story, it starts in Sian's blog 

Here is my story, its about a young girl's birthday gift
Her name was Mary and her mum and dad had promised her a party for her eighth birthday, the first party she had every had, She was born during the second world war and her daddy had been away in the army and there was so much rationing of food it wasn't possible to have all the lovely things that a party should have, when she was younger.
Well this party was going to be so special, her mummy had made some cakes and jelly and blancmange and few sandwiches and of course a special birthday cake with candles on.
Mary helped here mummy lay the table in the back room, with all the lovely things to eat and lemonade to drink.
Daddy meanwhile was in the front room doing something that Mary was not allowed to see until the party started. Daddy was very good at organising games and doing card tricks and Mary wonder what he was going to do for her party.
At three o'clock her friends and cousins arrived, they brought Mary several nice presents which she opened immediately and thanked everyone for them.
Mummy said we will have tea first then you can go into the other room and Daddy will play some games with you.
Everyone enjoyed the tea, especially the cake with the candles on, which Mary had blown out with one breath.
Then it was time to go into the front room; What a lovely surprise, Daddy had decorated the room with paper chains just as if it was Christmas, and, there where the Christmas tree usually stood was a big wooden box with crepe paper round it and lots of wood shavings inside. Daddy had written Lucky Dip on the outside.
After the children had played games and daddy had done lots of card tricks, he told the children to line up. Mary got in the line first, Daddy said to her "let your friends go first, go to the back of the line, there are presents for everyone". Mary moved, but she didn't want to be last, so she let two or three children go then got in the line again. Everyone had a little gift, even Mary, but one of her cousins had a lovely broach.
That broach should have been Mary's, Daddy had planned it that way, the last present in the box was really for Mary, but she had not done what her father had asked her to do, this is let her friends and cousins go before her, and be last in the queue.
Our Father God has good gifts for us but we sometimes miss out because we do not listen to him or do what he asks of us.
I know that Mary learn from that lesson because, you see, I was that young girl, and I have never forgotten the lovely broach that should have been mine. I also remember what my Daddy said to me later. "Next time listen to me".


humel said...

Mary, what a beautiful, beautiful story, on many different levels! It made me smile, it brought a tear to my eye, it made me think, it made me nod in recognition. Thank you so much for sharing xx

Jimjams said...

Oh Mary - sometimes life's lessons are hard - but these ones are the ones we learn best I think! A wonderful story - TFS

Lizzie said...

A great story Mary, about a rather hard lesson, that we all must learn at some time, if we are to have a happy life. Still, I hope you have good memories of that birthday party too - how hard your parents must have worked to make it so special for you!

Sian said...

Mary, thank you so much for joining us today :) Your story is wonderful - how vividly you have remembered it and conjured it up for the rest of us to enjoy! Lovely.

Miriam said...

Oh Mary, what a beautiful and poignant story! Life really does hand out some tough times x Thank you for sharing x

Ginger said...

Mary, you have told this story so well and yes you are right these are life's lessons. TFS :)

Amy said...

Mary, thank you for sharing these beautiful recollections today - it is a lesson we can all learn from. :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love hearing stories from another time and place, and your has such a wonderful moral, too.

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