Tuesday, March 22, 2011

left hand -v- right hand

I wonder if they make cameras for left handed people?, I am left handed when it comes to writing, you know the sort of writing that requires a pen or a pencil, but I seem to use my right hand for most other things. I can't for instance use scissors in my left hand, (my mother could) I can not use the mouse in my left hand, my brain just won't send the right messages at all even when I used someone else's mouse that had been configured to work that way. So how can I take a photo of my right hand on my mouse - with great difficulty. First of all my sleeve kept getting in the way, then my finger would reach the button and hold the camera straight, I suppose it might have been ok if I had turned the camera up side down (didn't think to try that). As you can see I did eventually manage to get the shot.
Why should I want to take a photo of my hand on the mouse, well I was reading Amy's Blog and as you can see (if you click the link) she has taken a photo of her red shoes on her feet, I like that idea but I mustn't keep copying other people must I? so chose my hand instead.


Jimjams said...

It's not called "copying" Mary, it's called "taking inspiration from"!

I use my right-handed mouse in my left hand most of the time ... leaving my right hand free for typing!

Lizzie said...

Upside down camera - now there's an original idea!
And lots of people take photos of their feet, especially when they get new shoes... but I haven't seen a picture of a hand on someone's blog, not for a while.

I'm very right-handed. I always find it tricky to use my left hand for tasks - more so since I damaged the nerves after my back injury. I can sympathise with the problems you have, since it's not always easy to do things with my right hand while trying to get my left to co-operate too!

I wonder how much of a market there'd be for Left-Handed cameras? Hmm...

Deneen said...

Mary I love this post! One of my daughters is left handed but there are a few things she does right handed such as golf LOL I am going to have to watch and see what had she uses on her computer now as you have me thinking. This idea can make a great layout.

humel said...

lol! Great that Amy inspired you :-)

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye