Saturday, March 26, 2011

Displaying your layouts

How do you display your layouts? I've always laid them on the floor or at least a flat surface and pointed the camera down onto the page. Then in Paint ShopPro manipulated it so that it is squared up and level, and only the layout is showing, very time consuming so now trying to find an easier way. This one I put on a little easel that I have had since I used to do watercolours. I'm not sure that I like all the background showing though
This was taken in my conservatory come craft room where the light is best.


Jimjams said...

Smashing page Mary - just invested in a mini-easel to try this out myself!

Sarah said...

An easel's a great thing to use. Mine's too small for 12x12's though. If I can be bothered to get it out, I use my light tent, but then I still use a computer programme to delete as much of the unwanted edge as I can. At least when we digi-scrap we don't have that problem do we :D

Gorgeous page BTW. Great photo xx

Lizzie said...

I have a small sketching easel, which I can use for my scrap layouts or books. Often I place the layout flat on a piece of white board, then photograph it from above - this makes it easier to get the colours "true" in PSE, as there is a "remove color cast" option that uses a white, black or "photographer's grey" area of the picture to balance the colours in the photos. I have a little light tent which is also useful.

If you are going to use the easel, I suggest you invest in a sheet of white mount board - about £2.50 I expect - which you can stand up against a flat wall, then place the easel and layout in front of it, on a plain floor or table top/cloth. That will eliminate the "busy background" problem, allow you to adjust colours more easily when editing and also to trim the edges away. The only other issue then, is getting the layout "square" as it will be leaning back slightly, away from the camera. If the easel will adjust to be upright, that's the best position for it.
To make the most of light coming in from one side, place a sheet of white paper or card on the other side of the layout, to reflect light back towards it (out of shot). You can also use a bit of cardboard covered in tin-foil (experiment with shiny/dull side out).
Good luck!

Amy said...

I used to aim for no background too - but have decided it is nice to see a little context and goings on around the layout! Love the page Mary :-)

humel said...

I have an easel like this :-) I try to place it so as little clutter as possible shows in the background but there's usually something.... But it's lovely to have a peek at your conservatory while also admiring your striking and fun layout! xx

Denise said...

A lovely layout.I always try yo put mine on easels,I still need to sort out how I get the right light though!Popping over from BFS

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