Friday, March 25, 2011

Shrove Tuesday on Friday

Did you remember to have pancakes on Strove Tuesday? I didn't and I missed having them.
Lunch time today I was wondering what to have when I saw the Jif Lemon bottle in the fridge and decided that today was pancake day.

First of all get your pan piping hot, I didn't use my usual one but decided to try doing them in my non stick, it worked and of course I needed hardly any oil
While the second pancake is cooking put lots of lemon juice onto the first
sprinkle with sugar
Roll up and enjoy


WendyB said...

Great post Mary and those pancakes look divine, in fact I may have to copy you :-)

Jo.C said...

Yep - I'm in the same boat - think I know what I'm having for tea tonight :0)
Those photos are really making me hungry.

Scrap-diva said...

Yummy, my diva junior likes it with maple syrup.

Sarah said...

This is the best way to eat them. I did have mine on Shrove Tuesday, but then I have them any time of the year. Can't beat them xx

Tammy said...

That looks yummy! :)


Jimjams said...

Yum - we were in Italy and missed pancake day - may have to do it again with the boys when they get home!

humel said...

I remembered, but The Doctor was away and The Boy was feeling poorly, so only The Girl and I had them on the day, I promised my boys that I'd make them again soon but I'd forgotten, so thanks for the reminder! xx

S said...

You're the second one to mention pancakes like these - I will have try it. Seems like a nice change from butter and syrup. I'm just dropping in from BFS; I'll be back.

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