Friday, November 23, 2012

Sunshine after the storm

Goodness we did have a storm last night, very windy and very wet. Today has been bright and sunny. Yesterday I felt very tired and lethargic again, today I feel bright and alive. Do you think my body is behaving this way because of the weather :D

I was going into town this morning but got scrapping, doing the page I had been planning since Monday. When we were in Bicester last Saturday, Rufus found so much to amuse him and he was as good as gold especially as none of the shops had anything that would be of interest to him. So my page was about him.

Light Fantastic

journalling is

I did get into town this afternoon, and managed to get another Christmas present. So now all the big ones are bought and just the fillers to get. So pleased about that as it's one more thing completed. Must get the Skipton gifts wrapped ready to take up with me next week.

I still want to get at least one more page done for Danny & Ben's Grandpop album. I did this one at crop on Wednesday but that leaves an odd page to be filled.


Today's as seen I was hoping would be the Christmas lights in town but they haven't been switch on yet. I'm sure last year they were at the end of November. So instead here is one of the Brunel decoration (which I was told off for taking). According to the notice outside it says "No flash photography" but the security guys said we are not allowed to take any photos in the Brunel centre, strange then isn't it that they have had professional photographers in there taking portraits of babies and children?

today I am grateful for feeling on top again
for getting most of my present shopping done


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love, love, love the verdigris!

Sian said...

Yes, I am quite convinced the weather has an effect on the way we feel. Thundery days give me a sore head. I'm glad you had a bright one!

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