Friday, November 09, 2012

Just a little Sketch

Hi Blog Friends, what a difference a day makes, I feel so much better and far more awake today than I did yesterday.
I did go into town and got my rail ticket to go up to see my Daughter and family at the end of this month. I did meet up with my son and we discussed a little about what we are doing for Christmas
I did manage to not spend any money I didn't need to (only my ticket and coffee). I avoided my favourite haberdashery shop and the craft shop in town because if I hadn't I would have spent money that I really want to save for Christmas presents etc.
I did go into a jewellers in Old Town and got them to look up information about this little locket

apparently it was assayed in Chester in 1903 9 crt gold and the chain I think he said was a belcher chain

I don't have a page to share today but I do have a sketch, I really enjoy making sketches and I have done this one for a page I want to do tomorrow and a local crop.

I'm hoping to use it for the monthly challenge on UKScrappers which is a colour combo challenge using Blue Orange and Cream. If you like it please feel free to copy it.

Today I am thankful for how loving and gracious my Father God is
for me being in a far better place than I have been these last few days.

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