Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is the day I travelled up north to my Daughter and family
This is the day there was a landslide because of the torrential rain we have been having. I got to Cheltenham for my first change of trains, with no trouble at all but then we waited and waited and waited. They kept announcing that the train has been delayed by 30mins then 35mins then 45mins etc etc in the end it was going up in increments of 2 mins at a time. It eventually arrived almost an hour later than scheduled but from then on ran normally but only as far as Leeds, I was so grateful that I was changing at Leeds onto a commuter train to Skipton and didn't have to travel any further up north as the rest of that journey was full of disruptions including buses in places.
I've arrived I'm here and going to enjoy my week. The Boys gave me such a great welcome which makes everything else melt away.

My As Seen for today is when I was on the Skipton train from Leeds and the sun was dipping low just peeping over the buildings.

Today I am grateful for warm clothes
for the journey being much better than I thought it might be
for Grandsons who gave me a lovely welcome

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