Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As Seen & Scrapping

I went into town today, I thought I might make it to Queens Park but I didn't but I did manage to get some photos of fallen leaves from a little green area behind Halfords


thought that might be my As Seen for today but I found something that amused me.

In The Range they have started displaying there Christmas stock they seem to have quite a range (I suppose that is good for The Range to have a range)Sorry couldn't resist.
where was I? Yes they have a good range of lights and this Little Penguin really caught my eye.

No I didn't succumb to buying it but I was tempted. they also had some snow fall scenes which were spraying snow down, these I think are outside lights

I was actually looking for a carbon monoxide detector but they were rather expensive so thought I'd try elsewhere.

This evening I've done a page of the photo of Mittens on the map which was my As Seen a few days ago.

Lazy way to Map Read

Today I am grateful for God's love that just doesn't let me go even when I feel so far from Him.

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