Saturday, November 03, 2012

CC Manic

I have been one a scrapping bonanza with the cybercrop on UKScrappers and subsequently haven't found time to update my blog but going to see what I can do tonight

Yesterday was Sale day at the church and Ann was not at all well so I persuaded her to go home, it seems amazing but when one is down the other invariably is up so this week it was my turn to have energy to spare.
Sale went well though it did rain so had a mad dash to get all the stalls and the books in before they got too wet.

Today I decided to cycle to my friend's place to deliver the cheque for the next retreat instead of posting it. the weather was quite bright so thought the exercise would do me good.
here is what I wrote on my team thread
Well that was an eventful outing. Still reasonably bright when I left home. Tried following a cycle map, crossed over a bridge high over the main road. got lost crossed back over the bridge eventually found my way. Got to my friend's place and she was out, no matter posted the cheque through the letterbox. It started to rain so after a while when it didn't seem like stopping I put on a waterproof jacket. Hood kept obscuring my vision so had to let my hair get wet. Thought as I had got lost coming I'd try a different way back, got even more lost. finally found my way but the path was very very very muddy so had to walk through it too dangerous to try and cycle so one very muddy messy Mary arrives home eventually. Need now to put muddy trousers and socks in the washing machine and leave muddy shoes (didn't think to wear my boots) somewhere to dry so I can remove the mud more easily.  Still it was worth it as I got some photos and have had some air and exercise
I forgot to take any photos for As Seen yesterday so today I've made up for it. Both these photos taken on my muddy bike ride

here is the puddle that was my real downfall, I thought at first the front wheel was going to stick completely but did manage to pull it out before it sunk too low.

I took the photo before I attempted to cross it, mainly because I rather liked the stick laid across it

Now to catch up on all the layouts and a minibook that I've done

For this one we had to use masks and spritz through them. I found that it was easier with the second bubbly mask to use it more like a stamp but it was rather messy. I also used another one like a stencil and drew round the shape
Family Gathering

This evening I finished off the minibook I started a few days ago. I loved all the pockets and nooks and crannies but I did find it difficult to ensure that sizes were correct. I didn't use many double sided paper which meant that I had to cover the backs of some where they would show. I have filled it mainly with photos of John and Neil and this will be Rufus's Grandpop book


Inside pages (b)

Inside pages (a)

Centre Pages

I still have journalling to add and something to put in the first folder but I am pleased with how this is looking already.

the final page I've done is a silly challenge to do everything backwards and I honestly couldn't see how to do this with paper so have done it digitally
starting with the title and working backwards to the bkgd and not going back on any layer once I had started the next.

You make me smile

that's it for now, Tomorrow is Story telling Sunday so see you then. (oops no it isn't tomorrow is Saturday)

today I am grateful for the walk/cycle exercise which must have done me good.
coming home to a hot drink and dry clothes too.


Sian said...

It certainly does sound as if you had plenty of energy over the last couple of days! Your mini album is everything I thought it would be - and more. It's perfect.

humel said...

Gosh, Mary, no wonder you got so muddy!! Glad you were able to enjoy and appreciate the fresh air at least. And you've been very productive - fab projects! :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

That last photograph is a total day brightener!!!

Jimjams said...

I agree with Rinda - a great pic of Rufus, so much energy!

Glad the mud washed off :o) and you've enjoyed the CC so productively.

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye