Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 on the 10th My little treasures

I nearly forgot it was the 10th so time for 10 things that make me happy
these are just 10 of the layouts I've done of my Little Treasures.
None of them are valuable money wise but all are valuable for their meaning
I won't share the Cyclist cross stitch that John did because I've shared it here

this first one I have had since a child it was given to me by one of my grandparents it's inlaid with ivory and mother of pearl.

Something Old

this next one I haven't had all that long, it came into the sale at church and I just knew I had to have it, it is so sweet and lights up a dark corner


Blue Bird a glass ornament that is quite heavy, given to me by my parents

Blue Bird

Bungly is so special, I came home one day not long after I had moved into my bungalow to find him sitting on my bed with a note attached "Hello my name is Bungly I've come to live with you

Hello My Name is Bungly

My daughter isn't a sentimental person so when I received this from here I cried.

A Special Gift

This little mirror jewellery box bought for me by my son one Sunday when we were out mooching around the shop

The Unexpected gift

Strange creatures, wooden carvings from a shop in Falmouth that John & I both fell for our souvenir of that holiday

Strange Creatures

this one makes me laugh, Gemma (my DDIL) give it too me she had found it at a car boot sale and knew I'd like it

Afternoon Tea Hybrid version

this next one was given to me for a joke, my friend and I had cycled down to ASDA and when we came to go home my chain had completely jammed up and I just couldn't move it so we had to walk home pushing our bikes. next day this little ornament came into the sale so Ann gave it to me.

Bone Shaker

and my final page for today is this little bowl, a gift from Mombassa, brought over by Jeremiah (the person we support with the sale on a Thursday)

A gift from Mombasa

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Julie H said...

What a bunch of special memories!

Sian said...

These are lovely Mary, each one a treasure. My Mum has a collection of blue glass and sometimes I find a new piece for her - she likes to tellus about how when she lived in Nigeria she used to buy blue beads made from old Milk of Magnesia bottles

humel said...

This is so lovely, Mary :) Each precious item has its own special meaning and story - thanks for sharing your collection with us! x

Jimjams said...

I love this album of yours Mary - the tea cup/pot made me laugh out loud! It's wonderful that each item has its own special page and the background meaning explained for your family. Wonderful!

Maria Ontiveros said...

This is such a great way to remember all those little things that are so important!

CoventryAnn said...

Love your treasures! Thanks for sharing them :)

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye