Thursday, October 04, 2012

Nice finds

Today being Thursday it was the sale at the church this morning. I didn't take my trolley or go on my bike I was not going to bring anything home that I couldn't get in a small plastic carrier. I started well. I only picked up some ribbon (can't miss that opportunity now can I?) Oh and some one gave me a soft toy tiger/pussy cat, would have been churlish to have refused and he is cute.

Then as I was unpacking a box of bits that someone had just donated I found a book with no covers and was about to consign it to the bin when I noticed it was Shakespeare plays illustrated very tattered falling to pieces and the pages brown spotted but Oh I just had to have it.

Some birthday candles was the next must have, be perfect for Rufus's next birthday
And finally as I was packing the last of the bit before getting ready to go home I saw what my Daughter in Law had asked me to look out for, a couple of little mats. So much for not bringing much home. Still I did manage to get them all into one small carrier bag.

My As seen for today just has to be one of the illustrations from the book in fact the title page, I really couldn't resist it because of the spelling

today I am thankful for my finds the sunshine we had today and the excitement of having something really nice to look forward to this weekend and next weekend too


humel said...

I would definitely have had to have that wonderful book too! Wow!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Definite treasures! From the kitty to the book.

Sian said...

Beautiful book

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