Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nature's balm

Feeling rather low again today, and needing to go to ASDA, what better way to lift my spirits than to take a walk down the back lane. It never fails and never lets me down.
Before I had even got into the lane proper I found the fungi covered in droplets from the damp day. Webs galore but this one amazed me I wonder what sort of spider weaves these can you see the little hole. The Squirrel very obligingly let me take his photo before scampering away up the tree. People walking their dogs, stopping to say good morning, and all around nature doing what it does best just being special.
To crown all this I went into the bedroom at just the right moment to see the pink sky, so turning off my dinner and grabbing my camera I capture this amazing sunset. It is particularly amazing because I can't usually see sunsets from where I live, sunrises yes and beautiful ones but I've never seen the sun light up the sky so far across.
So today's As Seen is a collage of all these things

I've not done any scrapping today I sat and watch TV all evening. I expect normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Today I am grateful to the Lord for blessing me with the beauty around me. For showing me this Sunset and the promise it holds


happysnapper said...

what beautiful things to lift you up and inspire you

humel said...

Gorgeous photos, Mary :) We had a foggy start to the day today but it led to some atmospheric glimpses of trees through the mist and bedewed spider webs - and now the skies have brightened to clear blue and the sun is highlighting the russet leaves of the tree over the road, it's so beautiful!

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