Friday, October 26, 2012

I Love Cybercrops

I didn't feel all that bright yesterday so didn't get round to blogging at all, didn't even take a photograph for my As Seen. Still I am feeling a lot better today, though still not exactly right but nothing I can pinpoint.
I have been scrapping today though as the Cybercrop started on UKScrappers and I have done two of the classes

The first one I did 6x6 so that I could do another page for the boys Grandpop album
Grandpop and his Glass of Beer
I also finished off a page I tried to do yesterday but couldn't get very far with
Family Together

the last class I did for today was another layout but this time I did 12x12 using these lovely photos of Rufus that his Great Uncle took, wish I could take such great photos of a very active boy.
Portrait of a Boy

My as seen today is my tea I had a meal at my friend's place after the bible study, so only wanted a light tea. Mackerel and mushrooms on toast, it was delicious and all the better for having bought a fillet instead of a whole fish, because there were no bones at all.

Today I am grateful to my friend for encouraging me to go to the bible study.


Lorraine said...

I enjoy reading your blog everyday and have been following it for quite some time now. I look forward to seeing your layouts and photos.

Jane said...

hope you soon feel better, lovely layouts.

humel said...

What fabulous pics of Rufus, and you've scrapped them beautifully! :)

Hope you're doing OK, Mary xx

Sian said...

I hope you are feeling a lot better by now..

I love mackerel on toast, but I now need to add mushrooms I think. This looks delicious!

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