Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I went into town today, I needed one particular piece of pattern paper and some spray glue, I came home with 5 sheets of patterned paper the glue, two rolls of glue dots and from my favourite haberdashery shop buttons, ribbon and trim. Still I enjoyed the spending and the looking at all the designs and of course choosing what I would buy.
As I was waiting for the bus I saw again the posters that are on Debenham's wall just opposite. I really took in what has become a familiar site, never having really thought about it before.

As fellow bloggers and scrapbookers that is so true design is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is in our pages our writing or what we wear, design is everywhere we look and in everything we do. Even if it is just making the home tidy and pleasing to the eye design is there.

I do have a page to share, it is one I started yesterday and finished this morning.
It is for the monthly challenge on UKScrappers and using this sketch by Nuts about Sketches

Swing that Ball

today I am thankful for being able to get around. I saw several people in town today who where having so much trouble with mobility and it made me realise again how blessed I am that I have my health and strength even if I get tired sometimes

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