Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tidy up Wednesday

Every two months or so we decide that we just have to have a good cull of all the things we collect for the sale on a Thursday. Today was that day and boy did we have a cull, mainly I must admit it was books, though I might be wrong. At one stage we were surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes of books but managed to get it down to about 30 boxes. We now have a huge pile of stuff to go to another charity. Luckily we have a chap come each week and take what we can't sell off our hands and distribute it to Shaw Trust shops in and around the Swindon area.

So my As Seen for today is me surrounded by boxes

this photo gives a better idea of the amount of boxes there are and this was when we were about half way through.

Of course having done all this work today it does mean that we have already got the tables set up for tomorrow so a much easier start to the day.

I'm off to our local crop tonight so hopefully will have at least two more pages of the boys Grandpop book done and will try and upload them and post them here tonight

today I am so grateful that I have my energy levels back I really needed them with all that work.

It is now 10:38 and I am about to put my one page that I did tonight here. I seemed to take a long while fiddling with bits and couldn't get it right at all at first, which was surprising as I used a sketch from Unscripted Sketches which should have made it a lot quicker to do. Still it is another one done and the album is beginning to fill up nicely.

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Jimjams said...

WOW you worked very hard today Mary - glad the crop was a success too - and good luck with tomorrow's sale!

humel said...

Wow, sounds like a good job done! And I'm glad you get the benefit of having the tables set up ready :)

Sian said...

Great job! All those boxes of books are giving me itchy fingers to give you a hand. I love sorting books!

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