Tuesday, October 09, 2012

As seen - In a magazine

Today I had my hair done, I thought it was tomorrow so it's a good job I put the appointment on my phone and get it to buzz me half hour before I'm due to go. It's also good that a friend text me an hour before I needed to go and when I went to check the text I discovered my appointment. I was contemplating going into town.
As usual while I am waiting for the hair colouring to take I read good Homes and Ideal homes, didn't have so many snippets of ideas from them this week but still found this which really amused me and just has to be my As Seen for today.

I haven't managed to complete a page today but have made a start on one. Still I do have some to share that I did over the weekend

So Proud to wear the uniform
My brother and I in 1957 in our back garden photo taken by our Dad

Plotting Mischief
Rufus at almost 3 photo taken by his great aunt Lyn

Tug of War
Muffin & Mittens sharing a toy, or rather the elastic from a toy.
The title on this layout was from a tutorial by Jemma (Jimjams)

I'll share the rest tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for the timely reminder
for a phone call from my daughter a chance to chat
finding a couple of new fonts that I know that I'll use


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see your LOs... The old black and white photo is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration to scrap more of my older family photos :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the Rufus layout.

humel said...

Love that 'mischief' layout, and the stitched title is fab :) lol at the cutlery chandelier!

happysnapper said...

i love the chandelier i might have to copy that one day when i have a house of my own
As for Rufus, Muffin and Mittens not sure who looks the most mischievous!

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