Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

I was reading Karen's blog and as I came to the end of today's entry the lolcat sparked a light bulb moment for me. I have never considered how just 26 little letters can convey so much how we can use just these 26 squiggles and lines and tell a whole story, bring a whole universe to light.
29 -26 can and does become countless

The sales went well this morning but I was tired even before we started and have spent most of the rest of the day resting with a book (unheard of event) I've also enjoyed the kittens company except when they or rather Mittens decided I might taste nice and nipped me. I'll have to cure her of that and not let it become a habit.

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humel said...

What lovely, thoughtful journaling, Mary :) I totally agree!

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